Our Supporters

Whisky Picnic would not happen without the generosity of many, many people. The word Picnic derives from a word describing a meal where everyone contributed something. The cumulative effect of many people doing good in a small way is huge, and to that end, raise your glasses and join us in thanking the following magnificent folk for their support. Here’s why we love them, and you should love them too!

Compass Box

Owning your own whisky company? Legend. Taking on the scrooges at the SWA?  Legendary! Blending some of the finest drams in the land? Call up the Queen! Knight this man!!! Compass Box is the brainchild of John Glaser. The most independent-minded, forward-thinking Scotch whisky blender living on these fair isles. On the stand you’ll find Herman (a Picnic veteran).

Save a Scottish Prince from the English? Win the secret recipe for an elixir of the ages? It’s all in a day’s work for Captain John Mackinnon. Chief of the Clan Mackinnon, the founders and original proprietors of Drambuie. Scotch whisky, honey, herbs and spices… just Whisky Picnic in a bottle really… and that’s why we love them. God bless the good Captain.

As two pals who set out on this Whisky Picnic journey to have a little fun,  we’ve been lucky enough to have the support of people we now call the Whisky Picnic family! Someone who knows all about that is William Grant who in 1886 downed tools at Mortlach and with his family built his own distillery. Five generations later this whisky dynasty is still family run and fiercely independent. We almost had to invite them out of respect for their values.

The Macallan
Home to over half of Scotland’s malt whisky distilleries, Speyside is arguably the heart of the whisky world. With distilleries like Macallan at the centre of that beating heart, it’s one of the most sought-after whiskies for collections. Revered the world over for being a jaw-droppingly delicious dram, why wouldn’t we want to put The Maccallan through her paces in a shaker or two? And if you ever get stuck with one of those old Scottish bank notes – you’ll see this distillery is literally “on the money!”

The Boutique-y Whisky Company
When we invited the lads from Boutique-y Whisky Company to take part in Whisky Picnic for a bit of fun, we received this response… ‘nothing says fun and enjoyable whisky like a dinosaur fighting a shark on the label’ – there is a valid point here. Dinosaur versus shark would be a fight worth paying to see and the drams the Boutique-y lads are bottling have a cheek that no one in the game is close to emulating… get involved.

The London Distillery Company
Founder Darren Rook has as many Picnics under his belt as we do, and has probably done more to link the world of Scotch Whisky to Movember than any other person in the world. He now has his own distillery to play with in Battersea, and although it’s not quite whisky yet (and will never be Scotch), suffice to say the future is bright. We owe a lot to Darren, and cannot wait to taste the delights he’s cooking up from his Battersea Distillery. If his delicious Dodd’s Gin is anything to go by, you should head right to doddsgin.myedash.com and invest everything you didn’t throw in the Movember bucket on your way out.


Black Bottle
As if unknowingly channelling the spirit of the Picnic,when Gordon Graham perfected his blended whisky recipe, the first thing he did was shared it with his brothers. That was in 1897, and we’re delighted that we’re able to share some of this perfectly balanced drop with you this evening. Black Bottle mixes excellently in a variety of cocktails – an attitude that makes it one of our desert island drams.

40ft Brewery
Steve Ryan photographed the whisky picnics of 2009 and 2010, so when he set up a brewery out of shipping containers in a disused Dalston car park earlier this year, we just knew good things were afoot. Four pals — master brewer Ben Ott, Steve Ryan and Fredrik and Andreas Pettersson — started the operation earlier this year and are now brewing two styles of tasty nectar. Surely a distillery is next…

Monkey Shoulder
The most social of drams, Monkey has never given a damn what others think, and neither have we – but somewhere at Monkey HQ, somebody cares about making a very tasty drop. Advocating good times in mixed company, the Monkey and the Picnic have been shouting off the same Scotchtail hymn sheet since… well,since we started really. Enough with malt snobbery. We are here for a good time. Not for a long time. Wave goodbye to the established order.

Paul John
India. Whisky. Cricket. A holy trinity of greatness! It is with open arms we welcome our good pal Krish and his fine single malts from John Distilleries. These well-crafted drams mature in some of hottest conditions on the planet, with an angels’ share so high you’d make a Scotsman cry. Yet despite this evaporate madness, malts emerge with a genuine whisky pedigree and an Indian deliciousness to match.

Port Askaig
Smoke. In your whisky. Nothing smells more Picnic than an Islay dram, and this sexy, smoky beast has been put together by none other than the legendary Sukhinder Singh. What Sukhinder doesn’t know about a dram just isn’t worth knowing. Actually, we are pretty sure he knows everything – so when a man of this stature puts a dram together, there is only one thing to do. Put it in your glass and drink it, pal!!!