Edinburgh 2010

At Whisky Picnic we appreciate the effort you all make with your outfits on the night and will always endeavour to get great shots of you all in your Whisky Picnic finery. Check out the portraitures from Picnics past here…

These great shots were taken by the lovely Christina Kernohan; if you would like to see more of her work please check out www.christinakernohan.com



Whisky_picnic_2010-1 Whisky_picnic_2010-2 Whisky_picnic_2010-3 Whisky_picnic_2010-4 Whisky_picnic_2010-5 Whisky_picnic_2010-6 Whisky_picnic_2010-7 Whisky_picnic_2010-8 Whisky_picnic_2010-9 Whisky_picnic_2010-10 Whisky_picnic_2010-11 Whisky_picnic_2010-12 Whisky_picnic_2010-13 Whisky_picnic_2010-14 Whisky_picnic_2010-15 Whisky_picnic_2010-16