Welcome back!


Take two pals, a love of whisky shenanigans, a boozy after-work conversation inspired by a vintage print, and you have the birth of the first Whisky Picnic – held in 2008.

A celebration of what we felt was the true but languishing “soul” of whisky, Whisky Picnic began as an excuse to don some hairy cloth finery, grow a ‘tache and get a bunch of great pals together to make some tasty whisky cocktails. We initially set out to spread the good word of the good dram and mark the whiskies not through scoring them, but by whom we shared them with.

What an adventure it has been! Over the years the Picnic has grown and we’ve meet some pretty great people along the way…  Among them the fine crew at the Movember Foundation, who we now raise money for with every Picnic held. So, Ladies and Gentlemen. Don your tweed, wax that well-cultivated Mo’ and charge your glasses. Steady your heart. Whisky Picnic. It’s time to toast London!